As announced at the Diving Conference on 22 October, the BSAC Instructor Resources CD is now accessible online and the materials available for download.

The current resources represent the existing Diver Training programme (DTP) updated for the 2015 Resuscitation update. The revised training programme for Ocean Diver will be made available for download when it is released.

The full content is available for BSAC instructors to download.

If you have difficulty with logging then please contact email us.

This section now has new Instructor access only permissions; therefore you will be prompted to login if you aren’t already. If you are not an instructor, this material will not be available.

Making Instructor Materials available online is to ensure updates to the content can be made quickly and effectively, enabling our instructors in having access to the up to date support and information they need.

 All updated content will have a later date than that previously available on the CD and will be highlighted as NEW!

Going forward, all instructors will be informed of updates via direct email as well as future issues of BSAC Instructor News to ensure the latest versions are being used.

Please note that BSAC wants to highlight the ecological impact of instructors printing ALL the downloadable content – we want to protect our trees so please don’t print all the materials.

  • Prior to going live online, the full Instructor Resources has been reviewed and the content updates, for example, Basic Life Instructor Manual: Introduction & Guidance notes.
  • Sports Diver: ST2 – Diver Rescue
  • Sports Diver: SO1 – Diver Rescue
  • Sport Diver: SS1 – Rescue Skills
  • Sports Diver: Theory Assessments: Sports C Instructor
  • Sports Diver: Theory Assessments: Sports C Student
  • Dive Leader: DO5 – Rescue Management Scenarios
  • Dive Leader: DO7 – Rescue Skills Review
  • Dive Leader  Theory Assessments: Dive Leader B  Instructor
  • Dive Leader  Theory Assessments: Dive Leader B  Student
  • Advanced Diver: AO2 – Rescue Skills and Management Review
  • Advanced Diver  Theory Assessments: Advanced B Instructor
  • Advanced Diver  Theory Assessments: Advanced B Student

If you have any further questions or queries regarding the online Instructor Materials please email us.

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