BSAC is calling on all Dive Leaders who have yet to progress into instructing to make 2024 the year they take the plunge. 

Dive Leaders (DLs) are an important grade for BSAC as they play a key role in the day-to-day running and management of club diving. As one of the BSAC’s most popular courses, Dive Leader is also the jumping off point for members who want to become Open Water Instructors. 

To bring more instructors on within the club network, BSAC is now asking current Dive Leaders who have not yet moved into instructing to find out more.

ITS Co-ordinator Jenny Mooney explained: 

There are currently 2,290 Dive Leaders on BSAC’s records who have no instructor qualification and 905 DLs who have not progressed beyond the Instructor Foundation Course.
While not everyone wants to go down the instructor route, for those that do, the journey can be incredibly rewarding. 

Following the Instructor Foundation Course (IFC), a Dive Leader can assist with try dives as well as the supporting their club’s instructor team with the training of Ocean Divers, as an Assistant Instructor. To then progress to Open Water Instructor, you need to complete the Open Water Instructor Course, Theory Instructor and Practical Instructor exams.

It’s also possible to fast-track your Open Water Instructor training with one of BSAC’s one-week Combined Instructor Events at Stoney Cove in Leicestershire, for Dive Leaders and above.  

For more details on the Stoney Cove Combined Events (11-15 May and 21-25 September) or information on Open Water Instructor courses in your area, go to or email

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