BSAC Expeditions Coordinator and Operation Oyster project lead Andy Hunt was invited to participate in a TEDx event in his hometown of Cowes earlier this year.

At an event called Ocean Inspire, Andy’s TEDx talk takes us on a journey exploring the role of the humble native flat oyster in the Solent, a once abundant but now rare mollusc with a function as seawater filter that could help turn the Solent blue.

TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to sharing important ideas on a variety of topics. The talks must be 18minutes or less and previous speakers have included the likes of Bill Gates to Dr Sylvia Earle.

Andy’s brief was to deliver a talk a bit like that delivered by Dr Sylvia Earle, one of the world’s most prominent ocean scientists who delivered a brilliant TED talk on protecting our oceans (see My wish: Protect our oceans); so no pressure then. Just to make things more interesting the organiser did not want speakers to read from notes and aid memoires!

Andy’s talk takes you on his personal underwater odyssey; from a chance try dive at Loughborough University Sub Aqua Club to now as BSAC’s Expedition Advisor and Project Lead for BSAC Operation Oyster.

He talks about how restoring the humble native flat oyster to nineteenth century levels of abundance could improve to the quality of the water we dive in, the life that we see and the amount of carbon captured and how people participating in BSAC Operation Oyster can help that process.



Want to help our native oysters? Join BSAC’s Operation Oyster!

One of the largest environmental projects ever organised by BSAC, Operation Oyster aims to engage members, divers and snorkellers in helping to rehabilitate the UK’s native oyster beds.

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