BSAC has pledged to get more children into snorkelling and scuba diving as part of a new multi-agency drive to get young people active.

Launched earlier this month, the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s #RightToBeActive campaign has highlighted concerns about the falling levels of physical activity amongst children and young people.  

In their recently released report, ‘Why are we failing our children?’, the Alliance, which represents sporting bodies across the UK, believes that more work should be done on creating a healthier attitude towards regular exercise and activity amongst young people.

With over 77% of children still not getting the national recommended level of activity and with childhood obesity on the rise, the Alliance has now called on its members to create more active opportunities for young people.

Chief Executive Emma Boggis explained:

The vast majority of our children (93%) say they want to be active and we know that many of our members have fantastic programmes to engage them. The will is there, we just need to create the right environment and structures to help them get active.

As one of the UK national governing bodies to directly support the initiative, BSAC believes its club system is an ideal way to introduce young people to regular exercise and activity with a purpose.

BSAC CEO Mary Tetley said she now wanted to encourage even more clubs to open their doors to young people and incorporate snorkelling and other more children-friendly activities into their training and general club plans.

Snorkelling or scuba diving with a BSAC club offers physical activities with a purpose and with the support of other members, children and young people can really progress. Snorkelling or diving with a BSAC club also offers so much more – it can boost confidence, build water safety and create an awareness of and a love for the marine environment.

Young people are an invaluable part of the BSAC club system and they are also our future, so we should all work together to encourage and support the next generation.

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