With the arrival of 2022 and our thoughts on the year ahead, now is the perfect time to look at how to get the most from your snorkelling this year...

With the arrival of 2022 and our thoughts on the year ahead, now is the perfect time to look at how to get the most from your snorkelling this year.

 Whether you want to learn new skills or max out on the ones you already have, return to a favourite snorkel site, or dip your fin in for a fresh snorkelling experience, making plans now will help keep you focused on what you can achieve.

 So, to inspire you, here are five snorkelling adventures to add to your 2022 ‘must-do’ list.

1. Be bewitched by basking sharks

The ultimate gentle giant, the basking shark is the largest fish in UK waters. And with several key migratory sites around the UK, it is possible to have a snorkel encounter just off our own shores.

As seasonal visitors, you will most likely see basking sharks in the UK from May to October. Cornwall, Isle of Man and Western Scotland are amongst the best places to see these stunning creatures, which can grow to over eight metres long.

Slow swimming, baskers exhibit a classic zig-zag pattern as they feed on the zooplankton in the water. And this slow feeding pace makes a snorkel encounter the perfect opportunity to observe these majestic fish in their own habitat. The best way for an unforgettable basking shark experience is to join a snorkel tour with an experienced guide.

2. Complete a snorkel trail

Add a whole new dimension to your open water snorkelling by completing one of the numerous underwater trails specifically designed for snorkellers. Follow the markers or underwater map, and you can enjoy a variety of landscapes, features, and marine life, all on a single snorkel dive. The ideal introduction to a new snorkelling location, or as a way to add something extra to your snorkel experience, there are trails available around the UK coastline.

There’s the North West Highlands Snorkel Trail, coordinated by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Berwickshire Snorkel Trail and the popular trail in Dorset’s Kimmeridge Bay, to name a few. Many trails include downloadable guides, or you can book a guided tour for an extra personal touch. And with most trails in shallow depths suitable for snorkellers of all levels, this is a great adventure to experience with your BSAC snorkel club friends.

3. Seal the deal in Lundy

Top of many snorkellers’ bucket lists has to be a seal encounter. And if seals are on your 2022 must-do list, then Devon’s Lundy Island is one of the best places to get your pinniped fix.

The UK’s first designated Marine Conservation Zone, this small nature reserve off the Devon coast is teaming with marine life, making it home to a 200-strong colony of Atlantic grey seals. Occupying snorkel friendly depths, the water around Lundy Island is a seal playground, with juveniles often instigating a playful interaction.

Organise a snorkel trip with your BSAC club or book a snorkel safari with one of the numerous operators in the area and get set for a snorkel experience you will never forget.

You can also read BSAC’s guide to snorkelling with seals.

Alex Mustardseal the deal

4. Develop a lust for rust

Always wanted to see a wreck? Then you are in luck, as the UK has some fascinating wreck sites, all within the depth limits and capabilities of competent snorkellers. And, if building your snorkelling skills is a key resolution for 2022, then having an end goal of snorkel diving on a wreck could be just the motivation you need.

In shallow waters, a wreck site is more than just a structure to see, it is often a vibrant habitat for a myriad of marine life. And, if you research the history of the wreck before you snorkel dive, it can add a whole new dimension to your snorkel experience. From the Louis in Devon to the advanced snorkel site of HMS Scylla, there are plenty of wreck sites to choose from. Check out Andy Torbet’s guide to his favourite UK snorkel wreck sites for a little more inspiration. 

5. Share your love of snorkelling

And finally, a snorkel adventure that your club will also appreciate. If you love snorkelling and would like to pass on that passion for the sport, then becoming a BSAC Snorkel Instructor can be incredibly rewarding.

You can read more about teaching snorkelling with BSAC. BSAC’s programme of events for 2022 also lists all the current Snorkel Instructor training courses available so you can start your Snorkel Instructor adventure this year.

Becoming an instructor means you can help bring on the next generation of BSAC snorkellers while adding a whole new dimension to your own snorkel adventure. And we think that’s a New Year resolution worth celebrating!

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