Operation Oyster is a seabed restoration project that aims as a first step to gather baseline data on the locations of the rare native oyster (Ostrea edulis) and its non-native cousins from around the UK. We need you and your club to get involved!

It can be as simple as making every dive an Operation Oyster dive by looking out for these elusive creatures on your favourite wreck, reef or shore dive sites and even the beach or shoreline over the summer.

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Please fill in the form below to record your sightings of UK native oysters. If your sighting was as part of a group, please select one person to submit your findings.

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Live native oysters are typically expected to be found between 0m (on the surface) and 80m of water depth.

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e.g. 10-14cm

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We are particularly keen to get images of live oysters underwater with something to help size them and confirm depth.

For example...

Native oyster next to a rulerOyster next to computerOyster next to a handNative oyster with rulerOyster next to torch

(e.g. other species of interest nearby, additional supporting information)


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