The BSAC regional teams undertake a critical role in supporting their local branches and members as well as providing training events to supplement in branch training.

The regional teams support their region in the following ways:

  • Acting as focal point of support for all aspects of diving and BSAC related issues
  • Maintaining and developing relations with the region’s branches and centers
  • Identifying key areas of support necessary for branches and members
  • Providing diver training
  • Managing the planning and implementation of a Regional Programme of Events (both SDC & ITS)
  • Reporting and liaising with HQ / NDO on all aspects
  • Building and maintaining links with other agencies, both diving or diving related, within the region
  • Identifying ongoing and future issues with the region and bringing these to the attention of HQ / NDO
  • Serving as a point of contact and support for branches / members following serious incidents
  • Working as part of the National Coaching Scheme with the other regional teams


Skills and qualification of a Regional Coach

It is no longer expected that the Regional Coach be an expert on training, be able to teach every SDC or be on the ITS.  Nor are they expected to personally organise every single event. The role is primarily one of co-ordinating the activities of an extensive team some of whom may well be specialists, or simply have a special interest in a particular area. 

The team should not be considered to extend only to Area Coaches as can be seen from the regional organisational structure.  It is however fundamental to this role that the Regional Coach is instrumental in appointing each member of their team even though some members may be required to link in directly with HQ (e.g. ITS Local Organisers).

Regional Team Structure

Regional Organisation

If you are interested in joining your regional team, please contact your current Regional Coach in the first instance. The following documents provide further information of each of the key roles and the appointment process:

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