Want to know more about your club boat? BSAC’s Outboard Engine and Boat Maintenance course is a great way to learn how a typical rigid-hulled inflatable dive boat or RIB works, including fault identification and potential fixes.

I’ve learnt how to maintain as well as identify and solve potential issues with our club boat engine. We like to take our RIB out as much as we can and it’s great to help keep the boat on the water.  

- Mark Gainham, Potteries Divers

The Outboard Engine and Boat Maintenance course is open to anyone. It’s a great way to get non-divers involved in the club, especially if they have family members who dive. No diving qualification is necessary to take part.

You will learn valuable skills for regular users of small boats and become confident in engine maintenance and simple fault rectification. The one-day course consists of four theory sessions and two workshop practicals. You will learn essential, practical, boat-maintenance skills for modern outboard engines, trailers and fittings including:

  • Outboard engine familiarisation
  • Owner/user maintenance for outboard engines
  • Fault finding and correction
  • Routine aftercare
  • How to look after the boat hull, fittings and trailer

Having completed the Outboard Engine and Boat Maintenance course you will have been trained to a reasonable level in owner/user maintenance and will be able to identify and fix common engine problems.

You could do this course at a regional event or local club. Not all clubs run Outboard Engine and Boat Maintenance courses, so please check if you are interested.

The course can be completed in a weekend at a regional event or centre, or in a club the theory and dry practical sessions could be spread over a number of evenings followed by a workshop session.

Alternatively, book your place on a scheduled Outboard Engine and Boat Maintenance online now.

Not a BSAC member? You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining via a local club. Find a club.

Students will be given a pack of supporting learning materials.

After successfully completing the Diver Coxswain Assessment, if you are an instructor you can assist on a Boat Handling course to become a Boat Handling Instructor.

You could further your seamanship training by doing other Skill Development Courses (SDCs), including Chartwork and Position Fixing and Boat Handling.

Or you could develop specific skills to expand your interests further, whether you are a diving member or non-diving member. Imagine being qualified in diver first aid or becoming a compressor operator or mixed gas blender. Check out the SDCs you can get involved in.

If you are not already a diver, how about learning to dive on an Ocean Diver course. If you are already a diver you could progress your diver grade training.


Not yet a BSAC member?

You can do this course by joining BSAC directly or joining your local club.

If you need a hand send your postcode to membership@bsac.com and we'll help you find the right scuba club for you. Or if you fancy a chat call us 0151 350 6201 (Mon - Fri, 9 - 5:30).

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