BSAC history in a nutshell

Check out remarkable footage from one of the earliest films of UK scuba diving off the Devon coast. The divers back in the 1950's venturing into our waters were true pioneers, they even developed and made their own kit (not recommended today!).


BSAC's very first branch, London No.1, diving in 1956

Watch as members of London No.1, BSAC's very first branch (club) prepare and go diving in 1956. They must have been a hardy bunch as some are not even in wetsuits!

Club scuba diving circa 1960 in London

An introduction to some of the very first BSAC clubs back in the 1960's.

BSAC club scuba diving circa 1960 in Weymouth

Amazingly clear underwater footage from around the 1960's of diving off the UK coast near Weymouth. 

If you have any footage of BSAC diving please email us, we would love to see it and possibly feature it on the website. 

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