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BSAC International

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In the mid 1980s British governmental sport funding underwent a severe overhaul. Non-competitive sports were penalised and administration grant funding withdrawn.
Consequently BSAC HQ had to vacate offices in the subsidised Sports Council headquarters.

Serendipitously the opportunity to create a new income stream from the franchising of our internationally training system and materials arose in Japan. To preserve the status of the British Sub Aqua Club as a non-profit British Company Limited by Guarantee, Council created BSAC International.

BSAC International is a British trading company wholly owned by the Club formed to administer a royalty franchise system. In 1987 BSAC International in turn franchised BSAC Japan to manage the development and operation of a parallel BSAC training and certification system for Japanese divers. To date the royalties paid to the Club amount to over £2M.

The success of BSAC Japan in creating this alternative income stream to membership fees encouraged the formation of our BSAC Korea franchise in 1994 and more recently BSAC Thailand in 2009. This regular income is a significant annual contributor on the positive side of the Club’s balance sheet.

BSAC Pan Pacific

BSAC Pan Pacific (BSAC PanPac) is an organisation grouping the Asia Pacific franchise members and divers of this region.

BSAC PanPac is a non-profit distributing entity with its main aim of promoting and developing the BSAC presence in the region through the cooperation of the franchise members.

In 2013 BSAC PanPac was successfully audited and certified compliant with the ISO diving standards, thus extending BSAC’s ISO certification to be worldwide - a process entirely funded by PanPac. This cementing of the Club’s international reputation is a major benefit to our members, assisting in the recognition of their qualifications on overseas dive trips.

BSAC Japan

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BSAC Japan was founded in 1987 with its headquarters in Osaka and has since expanded with training centres and members throughout Japan. Currently BSAC Japan has some 115 training centres employing more than 800 instructors. During its 21 year history BSAC Japan has trained over 120,000 divers.

BSAC Korea

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BSAC Korea was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in Seoul and has since expanded with training centres and members throughout South Korea. Currently BSAC Korea has some 50 training centres employing more than 350 instructors.

BSAC Thailand

BSAC Thailand

Welcome to BSAC Thailand. BSAC Thailand was launched in May 2009 and is under license from BSAC UK. BSAC Thailand provides local support to Thai Dive Centres and local BSAC Branches. We are also actively supporting BSAC branches from the UK and around the world by assisting in the training of their members here in Thailand.

We offer advice to members and branches that are planning on visiting Thailand and offer beneficial deals and promotions, exclusively to BSAC members. 

BSAC Thailand produces BSAC support materials locally and immediate certifications in which are automatically linked back to national headquarters.