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Boat Safety Guide

rib200These guidelines provide the necessary advice and guidance for those involved with Member Club diving, which primarily involves the use of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs), but also similar craft and hard boats, for recreational diving.


The Combined Diving Association (CDA)
The Combined Diving Association (CDA) group formed to provide safety guidance to Member Clubs and individual divers in the safe operation of dive boats within the recreational sector.

The CDA members consist of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), the Sub Aqua Association (SAA), the Scottish Sub Aqua Club (SSAC) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). The primary aim of the CDA is to provide safety guidance to Member Clubs and individual divers, in consultation with government agencies such as the MCA, HSE and other diving and sea safety organisations.

MCA acceptance
The MCA accept this document as a suitable alternative to the harmonised code for member clubs operating on a non-commercial basis.

The booklet is to be used as a guide to the equipment that should be carried on all craft that are owned by 'non-commercial' operations, such as BSAC, SAA & SSAC branches, independent diving clubs and individual members providing their boats for member use.

Following the guidance outlined in this document is not 'compulsory' but these guidelines do represent appropriate guidance of current best practise in terms of safety. By following the guidance provided, you will be doing enough to comply with the minimum suggested safety aspects for 'club members' boats in the view of the MCA.


Seamanship Courses

BSAC offers a range of diver focused Seamanship courses to support our activities. We learn to dive in the seas around us so it is beneficial to all divers to gain as much information and knowledge about seamanship and the maritime environment. 

Especially for those divers in branches that operate boats, these courses are invaluable in providing recognised training and qualifications.

Boat Insurance coverBishop Skinner Marine logo

Having the right level of boat insurance cover is crucial to enjoying your time on the water with confidence. Membership benefit partner Bishop Skinner Marine and BSAC have designed a boat insurance scheme to meet the specific needs of scuba divers and diving clubs.