There are many benefits to entering the Heinke Trophy. Here's our Top Five:

  • Showcases your club: The Heinke is open to all BSAC branches, whether your club has a long history or is relatively new, has a large membership or smaller numbers, is based in the UK or overseas, is a diving or a snorkelling branch, you can apply.
The Heinke Trophy provides a great opportunity to reflect and record your successes and experiences. It also generates a focus and energy that brings club members together and gives you something to look back on in the years ahead. Fiona Lemaire, Chair of RAHSAC - Heinke Trophy winners 2022 
  • Great fundraising and membership tool: Many previous winners have found that the Heinke Trophy winner title has helped in grant funding applications and is an extra endorsement when bringing in new members.
Winning the 2020 award gave us real confidence that we are continuing to do the right things for our members and are delivering a programme we can rightly be proud of. Nick Barter, Clidive – Heinke Trophy winners 2020 
  • Cash prize: The winning club receives a £1,000 cheque to be spent on club activities
  • Boost for your members: Numerous previous winners have commented on the motivating and team-building impact applying for the Heinke Trophy has had on their members.
The whole process has brought the club closer together and has given us the drive to progress further in the future. Martin Holloway, Chester SAC – Heinke Trophy winners 2019
  • Increased publicity: Previous Trophy winners have successfully used their win to get publicity in their local media. BSAC will also make its PR services available to help our winners.

Find out more about the BSAC Heinke Trophy.

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