As part of their 25th anniversary celebrations, the Shark Trust is launching a brand new community science initiative aimed at divers and snorkelers all over the world - inviting them to record all the shark, ray and skate species that they see during the last week of July.

The Great Shark Snapshot will take place during the last week of July, and divers, snorkelers and the beachgoers everywhere are invited to take part.
The information of what they find over the week will be added to the Shark Trust’s Shark Log. This will, over time, allow shark scientists to build a picture of species distribution and any changes that occur. Sharks are threatened by destructive fishing, climate change and habitat loss. The data collected during the Great Shark Snapshot will help scientists put effective conservation plans in place.
BSAC clubs and centres can sign up to show their support for this exciting new event and advertise their planned dives on the Great Shark Snapshot registration page. Divers looking to join an event will be able to use the map to find Great Shark Snapshot dives taking place near them. As well as gathering vital data, the event will provide a chance to celebrate the incredible shark and ray species that live close to you.

How to get involved 

The Great Shark Snapshot is a way for divers to get together, go diving, and do something to help shark conservation. Non-divers can get involved too. Shore based events can be organised so groups can explore their local beaches and search for egg-cases and record these over the week too. Every record can be added to the Shark Trust’s Great Eggcase Hunt.
It is easy to join in. Just go diving between July 24 and 31 (inclusive) and record every shark, ray and skate that your dive group sees. If possible, take photos and some video footage too. The Shark Trust really want to see what species you encounter on your dives. Then make sure that you record your sightings on the Shark Trust Shark Log recordings website or on their new app (which is coming soon). If you need help identifying a species of shark or eggcase head over to the Shark Trust website where you will find ID guides to help you.
Join the shark and dive communities online and let other divers know what you saw during your dives. Remember to use the hashtag #GreatSharkSnapshot and the Shark Trust will share sightings over the week. It will be incredible to see what divers around the world seeon their Great Shark Snapshot dives.
The Shark Trust is a UK-based charity that works tirelessly to safeguard the future of sharks, and their close cousins, the skates and rays, around the world.



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