Learning to scuba dive is one of the coolest things you can do. It’s on most people’s bucket lists (alongside goals such as trek to Machu Pichu and do a skydive)! Thankfully, scuba diving is accessible to everyone, and with BSAC clubs nationwide (and overseas) you’re close to discovering the underwater world for yourself.

Here’s why you should begin your scuba journey in 2024:

1. Join a community

Joining a BSAC club cultivates essential life skills. You’ll learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, and manage instructors and trainees. From day one you’ll build confidence and resilience, attributes that prove invaluable in both personal and professional spheres.

Being an active part of your club and community contributes to a well-rounded and versatile skill set.

2. Make new friends

When you join a BSAC club you’ll meet like-minded people from all walks of life… and you can be assured they’re into diving and snorkelling, just like you! You’ll share ideas, perspectives, and experiences. Club members look out for one another and you’ll find being part of a BSAC club provides a sense of belonging and camaraderie that will contribute to your positive mental health and overall well-being.

Jane MorganMake friends in a BSAC club

3. Learn new skills

Clubs give you the opportunity to hone your specialised interests and talents, through BSAC’s popular Skill Development Courses (SDCs) and Diver Training Programme.

If you’ve started eLearning, you can work your way through your theory modules online at your own pace with instructors on hand to help. When you’re ready, hook up with a BSAC club or training centre to complete your practical training and become a fully qualified Ocean Diver. Whoop! 

4. Have amazing experiences

We’re so lucky to live on an island: nobody in Great Britain is further than 70 miles from the sea. And thanks to our temperate (ie cool) water temperatures there’s an abundance of marine life to discover. Whether you long to swim with a seal or make friends with an octopus, it’s all there, waiting to be discovered. There are thousands of shipwrecks around our coasts to explore, and BSAC qualifications are recognised worldwide, whenever you’re ready to dive overseas.

Jane Morgan Make friends in a BSAC club

5. Save money 

BSAC members have access to a range of partner discounts and offers, meaning there’s no more cost effective way to be a scuba diver or snorkeller. On some purchases, the BSAC saving more than makes up for the cost of membership itself! 

If you’re after equipment for underwater adventures, check out the range of savings available on high quality dive kit from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our discount scheme BSAC Plus helps members save money on their everyday shopping, while our insurance partners provide great rates on important essential cover.  

And before you dive abroad, check out BSAC’s travel partners and you’ll find tailored overseas holiday offers from the experts.



Ready to start your scuba adventure in 2024?

It's super easy to start learning to scuba dive with BSAC! Submit a learn to dive enquiry and start your underwater adventure.

Or if you fancy a chat call us 0151 350 6201 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).


Learn to dive from the comfort of your home

You can get started straight away with the theory knowledge element of BSAC's entry-level courses, Discovery Diver and Ocean Diver, and work at your own pace using the BSAC eLearning system.

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