Explore the rise of scuba tourism and the ancient roots of the humble snorkel, look back at the legacy of expedition diving, trace the rise of the first BSAC branches, and much more in this special November issue of iSCUBA celebrating 70 years of BSAC!

Welcome to this month's iSCUBA issue with exciting features, BSAC news, updates from the diving world and so much more...

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Open November 2023 iSCUBA

November issue highlights

  • Kirsty Andrews pays tribute to the legacy of expedition diving -  page 16

  • Kristina Pedder traces the rise of the first BSAC branches - page 27

  • A history of diving in seven objects by Alex 'Woz' Warzynski - page 57

  • Andy Torbet examines the ancient roots of snorkelling - page 72, plus more...

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Open November 2023 iSCUBA



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