South West sunshine in the spotlight as we look ahead to the 2022 diving season in this month's iSCUBA.

Welcome to this month's iSCUBA issue with exciting features, BSAC news, updates from the diving world and so much more...

iSCUBA 122

Open January 2022 iSCUBA

January issue highlights

  • Simon Rogerson rediscovers classic dives in Devon & Cornwall to put on your 2022 dive site wishlist – pages 42-49

  • Thanet BSAC deep dive into history after discovering a plaque on WWI wreck, HMS Flirt – pages 54-58

  • Andy Torbet offers advice for combining hiking and snorkelling – pages 60-61

  • SCUBA says goodbye to Michelle, while Anatomy of a Diver touches on the ageing diver – pages 19-25

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Open January 2022 iSCUBA


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