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Early Summer is a great time to start showcasing what your club has to offer to already trained divers.

  • Thousands of people who live in the UK qualify as new divers with other agencies every year, either in the UK or overseas
  • Around 40% of new BSAC members are already trained (mostly PADI)
  • And pre-trained divers are more likely to remain a member than new trainees

How to recruit already trained divers

Word of mouth

As divers, chances are you know other already trained divers so invite them along to visit your club. Make them feel welcome and show them what BSAC club life has to offer. Buddy them up with a diver in your club who holds a similar (or equivalent qualification) to be their point of contact, talk diving with and introduce them to other members. 

Use social media

Update your website

Sounds simple but if you welcome already trained divers, make sure you say this on your website. See Webpages to win already trained divers.

Invite them to come diving with your club

BSAC welcomes divers from ALL agencies so get them to ‘try before they buy’

  • A diver with a valid qualification from another agency doesn’t have to retrain with BSAC or apply for a BSAC equivalency qualification card. They can simply dive within the limits of their current diver grade (and within BSAC’s Safe Diving guidance).
  • A qualified diver can ‘guest dive’ with a BSAC club and will be covered by BSAC’s third party liability insurance (up to seven times in one year).

Offer to refresh their skills

A Scuba Refresher session is the equivalent of a Try Dive but for the already trained market. Advertise your club's Scuba Refresher sessions as you would a Try Dive. Read more and download the training materials here - Scuba Refresher Session.

Keeping already trained divers

Make a real effort to look after already trained new club members; particularly in their first year.

Involve them in club life

Ask them if they want to volunteer for the club; eg, arranging social events and ‘looking after’ the Facebook Page can make people feel really valued. 

Develop their skills

  • There’s a whole host of Skill Development Courses (SDCs) divers with the equivalent of the Ocean Diver qualification can do such as Buoyancy and Trim workshops, Drysuit Training, First Aid for Divers, the RNLI Diver Sea Survival workshop and much more. Check out all the training pathway options on the Training Progression Chart.
  • If they are an instructor with another agency let them know how rewarding it is teaching in a club and how straightforward it is to become a qualified BSAC instructor by completing the one-day Instructor Crossover Course.


Already-trained divers are a real asset to BSAC clubs.

They come with a qualification and can bring experience, enthusiasm and skills that can contribute to your club. 

How to recruit already trained divers Equivalent BSAC qualifications

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