Keep up with our new BSAC blog writer Alice Gornall, Chair of the Loughborough Students Union Sub Aqua Club (LSUSAC), as she takes us along with her on her journey as a newly qualified Open Water Instructor.

This month has been pretty hectic for myself and LSUSAC as a whole!


We’ve had our first wave of Ocean Divers in Stoney Cove and its 4 degree water (brrrrrrr) and we qualified 6 of them along with our first Sports Diver of the year. While our new club members froze in our club semi-drys, the more experienced members of the club were pretty smug in their dry suits as we made great process towards our Dive Leader training too.     

I’ve been at Stoney again this weekend working with another Dive Leader trainee, Phil Vokes, as he hopefully gets ready to sit his PIE and TIE later on in the year and take over the club reigns from myself and my boyfriend Tom (club Diving Officer).

I, unfortunately, wasn’t in the water this weekend after I ran a training half marathon on Thursday for ‘fun’ and haven’t walked right since but Tom had me covered and all our planned lessons still got done! I have the real event on the 8th April (wish me luck) so I’ll probably be moaning about my sore legs next month too!
Loughborough Uni has just broken up for the Easter break so weekly training is taking a pause as people go home for a month to recuperate after too many nights out in a row. Being in my final year means I have no such luxuries and have not only skipped the too many nights out, I am also missing Easter at home in favour of sitting in a campus computer room to work on my Final Year Design Project. (Side note: if anyone knows anything about fat crystallisation I am more than open to help!)
Our Expeditions Officer, Josh Whitworth, is currently in full swing of planning our Annual Dinner that we’re having down in Chepstow and we're all SUPER excited for! We’re celebrating the club’s 50th year and we’re going all out to make it a weekend to remember! If any past members of LSUSAC are reading this please get in touch for event details if you’d be interested in coming.
On a fine note, I wanted to give a massive congratulations to new Ocean Divers Elizabeth Brown, Tom Watson, Alex Hughes, Jemma Beedie, Makenzie Bardgett and Emily Spridgens and Sports Diver, Richard Steel who braved the cold and kept spirits high all weekend!

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