Looking for life insurance that doesn’t penalise you because you are a diver?  Then, as a BSAC member, you have access to affordable cover with BSAC member benefit provider Scuba Financial Services.

Scuba Financial Services (SFS) offers life insurance as well as other types of financial protection at affordable prices that take into account your diving or snorkelling activities. 

The SFS team is on hand to discuss life insurance, mortgage protection, income protection, or critical illness needs, having negotiated terms specifically for BSAC members, including cover for our sport.

And, because Scuba Financial Services specialises, they can focus on your specific diving activities, whatever your diver grade or type of diving you enjoy.

With new, improved terms, you can also get even more value with limited wreck diving cover at no additional cost. And, if you already have an SFS policy that includes wreck penetration, they can conduct a review to see if you qualify for better terms.

In addition, if you have a hazardous occupation or enjoy the challenge of other adventurous activities, they will also be able to discuss cover for your individual circumstances and requirements. 

SFS also have experience in arranging cover for a wide range of diving activities, such as:

  • Extended depth diving up to 100m
  • Diving in the UK and overseas
  • Offshore diving (more than three miles)
  • Wreck diving and wreck penetration
  • Mixed gas diving
  • Rebreather diving

If you would like to enquire about a new policy or would like to compare your current rates and benefits with those available from Scuba Financial Services, contact them today on 0345 565 0936 or visit www.scuba-fs.co.uk



BSAC membership benefits

For more information on BSAC benefit partner, Scuba Financial Services, go to bsac.com/sfs

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