BSAC is reminding all UK scuba divers (from any agency - PADI, SSI, SAA, Raid etc) and BSAC members that dive overseas - that the closing date for submissions for this year’s diving incident report is Thursday 11 October.

So, if you have had a diving related incident within the last 12 months, you can help contribute to the learning and safety development of scuba diving by anonymously sharing your experience.

Each year BSAC releases its Incident Report, analysing UK diving incidents occurring to divers from all agencies and backgrounds, plus incidents worldwide that involve BSAC members.

Why should I report a diving incident?

Your diving incident report will feed into research that benefits divers worldwide and will hopefully save another diver from experiencing the incident you encountered. It is an opportunity that allows ALL divers to learn from the incidents experienced by others which makes diving safer for all. BSAC has been recording and reporting on diving incidents since 1964. 

Jim Watson, BSAC’s Safety and Development manager said: 

Reporting an incident can help to make diving safer for all. Your diving incident report will feed into research that benefits divers worldwide and will hopefully help other divers avoid a similar experience.

If you have been involved in or witnessed an incident – whether it was minor or more serious - please report it, in confidence, and help us to continue to shape a safe future for diving.

Divers can report the incident via BSAC’s easy to use online form. All forms must be submitted by midnight on 11 October to be included in the 2018 final incident report.

Report an incident

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