Idle conversation is dangerous and you never know where it will lead.... this time it has resulted in us, a group of divers - a mix of diving doctors and a Consultant in Diving and Life Support doing the Three Lakes Challenge!

Our aim - to walk into the highest loch/lakes in Scotland, England and Wales to scuba dive for at least 10 minutes in each, and to try and do this in 24 hours(ish!). And still, be walking and talking at the end of it...

Hopefully, we will need none of our normal day to day skills for our challenge. As well as our combined Diving Medicine experience we have -  Katharine - an Emergency Medicine consultant, Gavin - knowledgeable scientist about all things diving, Rod - Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, Ben - whose idea this was and doctor in training, and Christine - a GP.

Why we want to raise money for Marine Conservation Society (MCS)

Well, we thought MCS is trying to look after something dear to all of our hearts - the sea. Whether you go in, under, on or just walk beside it - the sea is to be treasured and the MCS do great work towards this end.

Wish us luck and please sponsor us!

Not only do we have the fun of heavy packs up steep hills and icy cold water, but we face blood-sucking midges, the M6 and trying to find somewhere to park at the Welsh site!

Thank you to AP Diving for their support.

Please sponsor us - donate today.


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