DDRC Healthcare is appealing for help in a survey of divers who have survived cancer as part of its on-going Health of Divers project.

Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years, and the average number of survival years has also increased. As a result, more and more people are resuming their work, sport, and daily lives following treatment/surgery for cancer.

As part of DDRC Healthcare’s continuing Health of Divers project, we would like to gain a better insight into cancer and diving. Research shows that physical activity may have beneficial effects for several aspects of cancer survivorship, and at DDRC Healthcare we would like to try and find out a little more about how divers who have had, or currently have, cancer. Has diving helped in your recovery, have you continued to dive, did you give up diving due to cancer? There is so much to find out.

- Researcher Marguerite St Leger Dowse.

DDRC is asking such divers to participate in an anonymous questionnaire, which can be filled out online.

As in all our other surveys all the information given us will be completely untraceable to participating divers, so we would value in participations divers who have cancer in this project.

Marguerite said the project promises to be a valuable contribution to diving research. There is a maximum of 40 questions in this survey, but participants will not have to answer them all; so the survey should only take up to five minutes to complete.

Complete the survey today.

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