The candidates for Vice-Chair and two Council member positions in the 2020 BSAC Election have been announced.

This year’s call to stand for BSAC Council brought a positive response, with a total of 8 members now standing as 2020 Election candidates. The 2020 Election will open at the end of March when BSAC members will be able to vote for the candidates.

BSAC Election 2020 candidates

Vice-Chair candidates (one position available)

  • Mark Allen
  • Rachel Quinn


Council candidates (two positions available)

  • Sharon Atkins
  • Rachael Brown
  • Edward Haynes
  • James Mudge
  • Gary Lloyd
  • Heath Samples

All candidates CV's will be available to view soon.

How to vote…

BSAC members with a valid email address who are eligible to vote will be emailed full details of the online voting process for the BSAC Election 2020, including online voting codes and links to the candidate CVs, at the end of March.

Make sure we can contact you

  1. Ensure your email address is correct by checking your details via your ‘MyBSAC’ account, here you can update your email address online if it's out of date.
  2. Your voting instructions will be sent to you via email with a pin number at the end of March. The email will come from the Electoral Reform Services Limited (ERS).
  3. Update your email preferences - tick 'Talk newsletter (Monthly BSAC news)'  so you don't miss any news updates on the elections.

All voting in the 2020 Election will be done online unless members specifically register for a postal vote.

To register for a postal vote, please email us with your name and BSAC membership number by Saturday 18 April 2020 to submit your request. 

Important note for branch (club) officers

BSAC is keen that as many members vote as possible so please check that your club members have received their voting codes from the Electoral Reform Services Limited (ERS) at the end of March.

Successful candidates 

The successful candidates will take up their BSAC Council positions after the BSAC AGM in May.



Update your email preferences 

Update your email preferences in your 'MyBSAC account' so we can keep in touch. 

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