The 12,000th BSAC snorkel instructor qualification has just been awarded to a marine biology lecturer based in Cornwall. 

Rebecca Allen is a lecturer in marine biology at Newquay University Centre, and has been a keen snorkeller for 30 years.

She took and completed BSAC’s two-day Snorkel Instructor Training Course and Assessment (SITCA) to become a qualified Snorkel Instructor (SI). Not only is she the proud owner of a shiny new qualification card, Rebecca can lay claim to being the 12,000th holder of this nationally recognised credential which enables her to teach people snorkelling activities.

Rebecca Allen with Seasearch

[inset] Rebecca with pooch Mia; [main pic] BSAC SI no. 12,000 with the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust (standing, fourth from right)

Rebecca said:

I've grown up by the sea and always loved it but I didn't try looking around under it until I was 20! I've been snorkelling for 30 years. The first place I snorkelled was on coral reef in the Gili Islands Indonesia. I was blown away though when I snorkelled in the UK and it was just as colourful and fascinating. 

This life-changing experience helped Rebecca decide to do an MSc in marine science so she could learn more about the beautiful British seas. This led to a career as a lecturer in marine biology, where the snorkelling enables her to find out more about local habitats and record what she sees for Seasearch.

She continued:

I wanted to become an instructor so I can help out my local group (Newquay Marine Group) with guided snorkelling, and also so I can take groups of students out. People learn so much more by experiencing the underwater world for themselves.
Rebecca Allen with MCS

With the MCS Newquay Marine Group; [inset] Rebecca with baby seal pup

About the SITCA

The two-day Snorkel Instructor Training Course and Assessment is open to any member who is at least 16 years old, and introduces students to the essential elements of both theory and practical snorkelling instruction. There is the opportunity to practise skills above and below the water. Rebecca commented:

The SITCA course was very thorough and I feel I can safely and confidently introduce people to this wonderful activity. I'm excited about becoming a member of the BSAC community and hopefully introducing more people to it!



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