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Title Incident report and lessons to be learned
Code IRP18576
Region Webinar
Date 02 Dec 2020
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Incident report 2019 and lessons to be learned

Traditionally a hugely popular session at the BSAC conference, this year BSAC Incident Advisor, Professor Clare Peddie, will present the findings of the incident report online, with an open invite to all. Both Clare and BSAC’s Safety and Development Manager Jim Watson will be online to take questions after the main part of the presentation has completed.

As National Governing Body BSAC monitors and reports on diving incidents in the interest of promoting diving safety to all. The 2019 report contains details of UK diving incidents occurring to divers from all agencies and backgrounds, plus incidents occurring worldwide involving BSAC members. Over many years BSAC and other UK-based training agencies have constantly revised and updated their training programmes and safety guidance based on this report.

Covid-19 Safe Diving guidance

BSAC has produced extensive guidance to help members and the wider diving community stay safe while diving, snorkelling and training during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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