Respect our wrecks policy is intended as a philosophical approach to one of the most popular diving activities in the UK, wreck diving, which is enjoyed by thousands of recreational divers every year.

We believe that raised awareness of these issues will also result in increased peer pressure amongst divers to curb the poor wreck diving practices being conducted by the few.

BSAC, PADI and SAA continue to work together to make sure we can keep diving the wrecks. A minority of divers are still pilfering from and damaging wrecks and a small number are even desecrating war graves.

Not only are they spoiling wrecks for future divers, they may be breaking the law and in some cases upsetting the relatives of those that have lost their lives on the ships.

Some divers are destroying our history and the marine environment, either by not thinking what they are doing or even deliberately.

Others are endangering life by bringing live munitions or other dangerous material ashore. Respect our wrecks today so that everyone can still enjoy them tomorrow.

Respect our wrecks policy

  1. Respect war graves. Many wrecks are also war graves. Treat them with the respect you would give a churchyard
  2. Respect the wreck environment. Many wrecks make great habitats for marine life. Treat them with the care you would give to coral reefs
  3. Respect the future. Explore wrecks, where allowed, but don't damage or disturb them. Take photos rather than souvenirs, so that our wrecks remain for future divers to see
  4. Respect our history. Many wrecks have an important history and hold clues to our maritime past. If you find anything, report it to the Receiver of Wreck, who will pass on such information to archaeological experts
  5. Respect yourself. Make sure that you are appropriately trained for safe wreck diving
  6. Respect your family and friends. Some wrecks contain dangerous cargoes or live munitions. Don't disturb them or bring them ashore
  7. Respect the law. Know and respect maritime laws - and avoid a criminal record

Wrecks and the law

Visit website to read about wrecks and the law.


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