Now that you're comfortable on Facebook, you have opened up a whole wealth of social media opportunities.

Twitter and Instagram both have their own merits in social media, and all three platforms can work together to create a cohesive and holistic social media presence for your club. The key thing to remember about Twitter and Instagram is that this is where the younger generation is. 81% of 18-34-year-olds use Instagram, showing that this platform is where the future of your club could lie. If Facebook is a doddle now, it's time to learn something new and recruit the next generation while you're there!

Setting up a club Twitter account

Twitter is a free social networking site, where you can share short updates, or 'tweets'. If you choose to follow an account on Twitter, their tweets appear on your newsfeed, so it’s like being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting.

Follow us on TwitterHow to set up a Twitter account

Benefits and uses of Twitter

  • Send out concise news updates for club members and followers
  • Post photos of club events and trips to advertise to potential members and get current members involved
  • Interact with members, other clubs and other divers worldwide with a simple tweet
  • Keep up-to-date with other diving brands and organisations by following them - some of our favourites are Marine Conservation Society and Andy Torbet
  • There are over 12.6 million Twitter users in the UK alone and almost 350 million worldwide

Top tips for making the most of Twitter

  • Tweets with images are 150 times more likely to be retweeted or liked, so they're the best way to make a splash!
  • Make sure your Direct Messages are open to all so anyone can contact you if they're interested in diving with your club - it's also wise to put contact details on your profile
  • Connect with other BSAC clubs to network, connect and learn from them - good examples are Clidive, Severnside SAC and Hazel Grove Sub Aqua

Setting up a club Instagram account

Instagram is a free social networking site, where you can share pictures, videos and short updates to your followers. 42% of the British population use Instagram and, as the platform is owned by Facebook, it can easily connect with your Facebook Page.

Insta feed

Follow us on InstagramHow to set up an Instagram account

Benefits and uses of Instagram

  • As a photo-sharing platform, it is ideal for showing off your underwater images and videos, as well as the very best of club life
  • Instagram has a 'Story' feature which means you can add 24hr image or video statuses - for more information on Stories, see Instagram's help page
  • Instagram achieves 84 times more engagement than any other social media platform
  • Follow some of the best underwater photographers to see what they're doing in the world and learn tips and tricks - our favourites are Alex Mustard, Jane Morgan and Dan Bolt

Top tips for making the most of Instagram

  • Videos get more activity than photos, especially if you post them in your Stories
  • Add location markers to both posts and stories - these get 79% more engagement than non-geotagged posts
  • You can post up to 10 photos or videos in one post - try not to flood your feed with individual image posts
  • Use hashtags to get your posts seen by others - it's best to use only 11 and try to keep them relevant
    Some good ones to try are #scubadiving #uwphotography #underwaterworld #divinglife #discoverocean #divewithus - plus, tag #seamyweekend to be featured on our Instagram!



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