Fast-track your scuba diving training with a BSAC Training Centre. Training with a BSAC Centre gives you the best of both worlds...

You can train quickly and afterwards, you have the option of going diving with either a local BSAC club or stay with the centre for more training or just diving. Discover all of BSAC's training courses with the diver training progression chart.

It's easy to find a BSAC centre

  1. Use the map below to find a centre near you
  2. Contact the centre to arrange your BSAC training
  3. Take your course and get out in the water!

Map key:
BSAC centre icon denotes scuba diving or seamanship training capabilities
BSAC centre icon denotes Centre of Excellence
BSAC centre icon denotes technical diving training capabilities
BSAC centre icon denotes snorkelling training capabilities

Need help? Email us or call on 0151 6350 201 (Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00)


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