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Pool Share scheme

Pool Share

Is your club looking to build positive relationships with other clubs and boost club funds?

We have added a new option to the Find it Tool on called 'Pool Share' (In the 'Advanced search' section). Your club can opt in-to this scheme by contacting the membership team or on 0151 350 6201. We will then update your club profile online so other clubs and members know they could use your pool (under your terms). The benefits of this are:

  • Help raise funds to cover the cost of your pool (either on a session-by-session or a more permanent arrangement, up to you). You decide charges.
  • Build positive relationships with other BSAC clubs.

Pool Share scheme guidelines

  1. Clubs should check their letting agreement with their pool before opting into any such sharing systems. A key risk could be if the pool authorities considered your sharing and funding agreement constituted to you sub-letting and consequently being in breach of your contract with them.

  2. Your BSAC insurance policy covers your club for sharing your pool with other BSAC clubs and members (another BSAC club, they would have the same level of cover as your club).

  3. BSAC insurance specifically excludes commercial operation but this would likely only occur if you were making a ‘profit’ from the other group. Non-BSAC groups and commercial dive centres would constitute ‘trading with the public’ and so do not form part of the ‘Pool Share’ agreement.

  4. Charging fees - charging on a weekly basis, you would need a member of the branch and BSAC to be in charge of this, this could take up more time at the pool night so make sure there is a procedure in place so everything runs smoothly.

    Charging on a monthly basis, this would be a set fee and has the benefit of being a clearly laid out amount all the time and makes managing and accounting for it easier.