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Advanced Lifesaver Award

Advanced Lifesaver Award
Want to consolidate your first aid and lifesaving skills in a realistic diving environment?

The Advanced Lifesaver Award is designed to assess students’ lifesaving proficiency and diver rescue skills within realistic open water conditions, placing an emphasis on improvisation and immediacy. The assessment also covers first aid for injuries likely to be encountered in diving and diving-related activities.

Entry requirement 
This award is open to anyone with the BSAC Lifesaver Award.

What you’ll be assessed on
• Throwing exercise
• Controlled buoyant rescue from depth
• Surface rescue
• First Aid exercise and theory test

Additional training prior to the examination is recommended. and this can be delivered in the branch or centre prior to assessment

How to do this Award...

If you are a member:
You can do the Advanced Lifesaver Award either at a BSAC Regional Event, at a commercial BSAC Centre or in your BSAC club. Not all clubs run their own Lifesaver Award courses, please check with your Diving Officer if you are interested.

If you are not a BSAC member:
You can do this assessment at a BSAC Regional Event. Or you could do the assessment at a BSAC Centre.

Your next steps
After this assessment you could further your training by doing another Skill Development Courses (SDCs) such as the ones listed below. Or you could progress with a Diver Grade Course.
Oxygen Administration
Practical Rescue Management
Automated External Defibrillator  

Useful links
Find a club near you using our 'Find It' tool
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Rescue breaths

BSAC Basic Life Support (BLS) guidelines

The following guidance update our guidance and procedures in light of current advice and guidance available from all relevant sources.

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