Make sure you wear suitable thermal protection. Be aware of the risk of a regulator free flow. And as with all diving, cold water diving – when the water temperature drops to 10°C and below – needs good preparation and planning. 

Things to do to minimise free flows:

  • Use a cold-water-rated regulator marked EN250 or EN250A only
  • Keep your regulator in a warm place before diving
  • Breathe gently during pre-dive checks, at the surface and during the dive
  • Keep your regulator dry between dives
  • Consider using a dSMB with a gas cylinder

Things to avoid:

  • A leaky dry suit
  • Leaving your kit in the car overnight
  • Inflating a dSMB or lift bag from your alternate supply unnecessarily
  • Decompression diving
  • Deeper diving

Learning Curve article from SCUBA issue 85

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