A practical guide aimed at Sports Divers and above has been launched to help members plan and carry out small diving projects. BSAC Heritage Advisor Jane Maddocks, who is behind the guide, tells us more.

Organising a diving project can be a great way of enhancing your diving skills, discovering new dive sites and seeing familiar dive sites in a new light.

It is winter in the UK. Time to plan the fun and diving with a purpose stuff that will make 2022 the best ever diving year.

Sometimes, having a good idea about a mini project that can involve everyone in your group, perhaps over a weekend, can be a bit of a challenge. Going through all the Dive Leader classroom lessons and reading the Expedition Manual to find what you need to know can seem a bit daunting if this is your first go at planning a small project. This guidance is aimed at divers who may be new to planning diving with a purpose for their branch or group of friends.

Now a small team of very experienced divers and project leaders have taken all the best bits and written a short guide to running the sort of fun projects that can be done in a weekend by divers who want to dive with a purpose.

For all members in diveable warmer waters, the guide to small diving projects could give you the information you need to start planning now to do your reef or wreck survey, or drawing up your dive guide to your group’s favourite dive site.

It is really good – so why wait? Have a look now and get planning!

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