Successful clubs are using social media to raise their profile and attract new members, as York Sub-Aqua Club (SAC) have discovered to their benefit.

For this month’s member profile we spoke to Aaron Cook, a social media whizz who joined BSAC little more than two years ago after a friend suggested he try scuba diving.

Aaron has always been fascinated by the underwater world and in particular the vibrant coral reefs, mysterious shipwrecks, and the incredible marine life. 

Aaron Cook Aaron Cook

L: Try Dive! and R: scuba diving in Cape Verde

I have snorkelled for hours in the Red Sea, but it wasn’t until February 2022 that I took the plunge into scuba diving. A colleague, who happens to be a qualified diver, arranged a try dive for me.
From that moment, I was hooked. The very next day, I signed up with the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and the York Sub Aqua Club.  

Aaron qualified as an Ocean Diver in September 2022 and as a Sports Diver the following year.

Aaron Cook Aaron Cook

Aaron diving in Turkey

Growing a dive club through social media

York SAC on TikTokAs well as benefiting from the diving and social activities being in a BSAC club brings, Aaron has been on the committee at York Sub Aqua Club as the Social Media Secretary where he actively contributes to the club’s visibility.

I believe in the power of digital platforms, from Facebook to TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, these channels allow us to share club news, dive experiences, and engage with potential members.
Social media bridges the gap and showcases our club’s vibrant community.

TikTok and scuba diving

With its quirky interface and youthful appeal, TikTok has been relatively under-appreciated by BSAC clubs to date. Not so for Aaron though, who has really cut through with his TikTok videos to find success for York SAC. 


Aaron explains:

I’ve been using TikTok since its early days when it was still called TikTok has evolved significantly, offering diverse content possibilities. 
For our club, it’s a fantastic tool. We create 10-60 second videos set to trending music, share longer showcasing dive sites, and even host live sessions. 
My advice for other clubs is don’t be afraid, you can never please everyone and don’t worry if the views don’t pour in instantly - consistency matters. Try uploading the same content using different hashtags and music, repurpose your videos and always use #bsacdivers.
You’ll never know when that niche clip will resonate with viewers. If you are struggling there are dozens of apps offering free templates to use, there’s a fantastic community of content creators out there all supporting each other with new ideas and trends. Why not start your own trend and get other clubs involved?
Aaron Cook Aaron Cook

York SAC training day at Capernwray

Looking ahead

Having recently achieved a ‘black buoyancy’ grade after completing the Buoyancy and Trim Workshop at Capernwray, Aaron has now set his sights set on the Accelerated Decompression course. As a Sports Diver this will be an exciting step toward enhancing his skills ready for exploring deeper waters.

Being a part of the BSAC family 

Aaron added:

Being part of the BSAC family feels like home. Over the past two years, I’ve met incredible people who share my passion for the underwater world.
The Philippines and Truk (Chuuk Lagoon) are the top my dream dive list! I can’t wait to explore the crystal-clear waters, diverse marine ecosystems and historical wrecks.



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If you're looking to scuba dive in the York area with York Sub Aqua Club, please contact Andrew Mott.

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