BSAC works closely with UK Diving Medical Committee (UKDMC) who puts together the self-declaration medical form BSAC uses. This form has just been updated, as has the snorkel self-declaration medical fitness form.

UKDMC has been actively formulating its advice on Covid-19 and the requirements for returning to safe diving activity.

When we get back into diving, we will want to do so safely. One critical consideration is that if you have been confirmed to have had Covid-19 you should seek advice from a UKDMC medical referee to ensure you are safe to resume diving. The updated medical form reflects this consideration. 

Members are required to complete a diver self-declaration medical fitness form or snorkel self-declaration medical fitness form, upon joining, and then annually when renewing. You should also complete one in the event of a medical condition arising between these times.

Diving members

Diving members can complete their self-declaration medical fitness form by:

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on the self-declaration medical fitness form you will need to have a medical consultation with a medical referee. This could just be a simple phone call, or, in more serious or complex cases, you may need an appointment.

Snorkel members

Snorkel members can complete their self-declaration medical fitness form by:

Further information:

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