As a member, you can train and dive while on holiday, thanks to BSAC’s network of overseas centres.

With centres in both short and long-haul destinations, opting for training overseas can also benefit your club and makes a great reason to organise a fantastic dive club trip. Here’s how… 


Flexible training 


Training at BSAC overseas centres can be flexible to suit your exact needs.  


Through ‘referral’ training you can complete the theory or theory and sheltered water part at home with your BSAC club, then complete the remaining practical elements overseas. 


Or you could choose to complete a complete diver grade course as Ocean Diver or Sports Diver overseas before coming back to join your BSAC club

Learn to dive overseas with BSAC - (c) Ian Baker


Other training 


Many of BSAC’s overseas centres also offer additional specialist training opportunities such as courses from the Skill Development Course programme as well as BSAC Technical Diving courses. So, you could combine a diving holiday with the chance to add to or consolidate your diving skills. 


Club benefits  


Opting for overseas training has many benefits for your club as it can help ease the pressure on its training programme and its own instructors. It can also mean a club can ‘fast-track’ its newer members, opening up the opportunity of diving in the UK sooner and progressing through the other diver grades.  


And, by combining training with an overseas club trip, other members can also benefit by getting some blue water diving too! 



Train overseas

For more information on overseas BSAC Centres and how you could make the most of warm water training as a member, go to  

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