Supported by BSAC, Our Seas Scotland is campaigning to stop the chronic destruction of the seabed by urgently reinstating a coastal limit on bottom-trawl and dredge fishing.

The Limit, a short campaign film about restoring the threatened connections between people and the marine life in the sea, premiers online on Wednesday 10 February at 19:00. It explores the impacts of drastic declines in Scotland’s fish populations and the hidden damage to the seabed. It asks how we can bring about an urgent and fair transition towards more sustainable fishing.

The screening will begin with the film being introduced by Professor Iain Stewart, and there will be a live Q&A session following the film. You can watch the premier and set a reminder to tune in on YouTube.

BSAC Marine Environment Specialist for Scotland, Dr Karen Boswarva, has been involved in this project as part of the panel.

As a diverse bunch of divers and snorkellers we all share one thing in common; a connection to the ocean. We are the lucky few who possess a unique opportunity to see what lies beneath the waves and share our passion with the rest of the world helping to educate and raise awareness. For many of us our interests lie within marine conservation and restoring connections to the ocean.  We are becoming increasingly aware of the many pressures that the marine environment is under but are often unsure about what we can do to help. The Limit highlights some of these pressures with a Scottish perspective but discusses issues that have global significance to marine conservation.

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