The team at BSAC is sending its thoughts and well wishes to you all. We hope you are all staying safe and we aim to remain in touch through this uncertain time.

Our general principle has been, and will remain, to follow the advice from the Government. Ultimately, we want to help ensure that we, as an organisation and a sport, minimise the risk of any spread of the virus.

Given that the government is now recommending that we "stop all non-essential contact with others and stop all non-essential travel, avoiding pubs, clubs and theatres" we are reviewing our planned events and advice to members and clubs, as follows:

Key advice for members

BSAC maintains that you follow the current government advice. The UK Government guidelines will be updated frequently with the latest information you need to be aware of to keep yourself and others safe, so please visit the guidelines regularly to check for the latest updates.

Anyone with Coronavirus symptoms should follow the government advice re: self-isolation for themselves and their families.

Scheduled events

We have reviewed all BSAC’s nationally and regionally-organised events until 30 April. In all cases, we either reluctantly postpone where possible or cancel events. We will review this situation regularly and stay in touch.

Need to check if an event is going ahead? If you are booked onto an event, go to to get more information. If events are cancelled they will be left online with a note saying ‘cancelled’ so you are clear.


There is advice on the BSAC website about training activity. It includes recommended precautionary measures, in-water rescue breaths, manikin use, shared equipment and alternate source training. This is up to date as of 17 March. We’ll update you if this advice changes. Read online here.

Going diving

BSAC maintains that you follow the current government advice.

As divers and snorkellers, we are used to assessing risk and so we should apply these principles to the wider aspects of any diving or snorkelling. For example, many of us have to travel to go diving, so we need to make our own assessment of the risk of infection from travel in shared cars, etc. We should also consider that emergency services that we might need to rely on are already stretched, so please also factor this into your plans.

Advice to our clubs

As you know, the advice from the Government is “to stop all non–essential contact with others and stop all non–essential travel, avoiding pubs, clubs and theatres”. We understand that this will effectively stop a typical club night in a pub or clubhouse for the time being. 

We are thinking of ideas of how we can all keep in touch with each other and we are sure that you will be able to share some ideas with us too. If you have any ideas please email We will, however, be in touch with Branch Officers via email, in due course, with some help and support in terms of keeping members engaged through these challenging times. 

Pool nights

We understand the need to keep active. Some clubs are already telling us that their swimming pool is still open and so in these circumstances, we feel that you should speak to your pool provider and see what they suggest.

Diving and snorkelling holidays

For the latest guidance on international travel, please refer to the UK Government Foreign Travel Advice Website and Coronavirus-specific travel advice. This is being updated on an ongoing basis.

We’re here for you

We know we have a strong community of members who will be there for each other through these uncertain times. We are also here at BSAC HQ to support clubs and members the best we can. Whatever your question or concern, we’re here to help. Please check the website for our latest advice or contact us at or on 0151 350 6203.

We have started to implement our business continuity plan today with BSAC HQ staff working remotely. So far so good, but we expect there may be glitches with network capacity as the rest of the world does the same. Please bear with us.

Thank you for understanding and stay safe

Let's look out for each other and maybe we can be creative in finding ways to stay in touch. Our priorities are the welfare of our members, staff and all of our families. This will undoubtedly impact many of our plans, but health and wellbeing must come first, and there will be other opportunities to dive.

We will keep in touch with you all.

Keep safe and stay in touch.

Mary Tetley
BSAC Chief Executive

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