All BSAC members who ordered qualification cards since last November (2017) have been emailed (last week) to inform them that we experienced a problem with the previous supplier. 

To any BSAC members still waiting for a qualification card, we sincerely apologise. Our qualifications team have been working very hard on this and as of tomorrow's post, all cards ordered should be up to date.

Still waiting for your qualification card?

If you are still waiting for a qualification card/s please contact us asap on and we will get one out in the post to you within 2 working days. 

Proof of qualification without a qualification card 

If you have applied for a qualification card then your qualification will have been updated on BSAC’s records. Your qualifications are visible in your MyBSAC account You can show proof of your qualification by showing your MyBSAC account page to whoever you need to. This can either be on your phone, tablet or by printing your MyBSAC account page (hardcopy), just make sure your profile photo is uploaded and visible. 

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