Everything seems far from normal at the moment including the cautious diving that has resumed by some members in areas where it’s permitted. We wanted to remind you that your member insurance continues as normal. It is as robust as ever and continues to cover you all.

We all do our best to avoid scuba diving and snorkelling incidents, but if the unfortunate happens and you are to blame, or if another BSAC member causes you an unjury, it's good to know you have some peace-of-mind cover.

The annual BSAC policy has just renewed. The high levels of protection have remained for members. A reminder of the key elements of your cover:

  • Covers all BSAC members, regardless of qualifying training agency (PADI, SAA, SSI, Raid, TDI, IANTD etc.), to dive within the limits of their qualification.
  • Includes technical diving (within the BSAC or other tech agency qualification limits) and wreck penetration.
  • No excess fees to pay when a claim is made against you.
  • Covers claims against you of up to £10m (unlimited legal expenses).

If you have any questions regarding the Members Liability insurance, please email Wendy Meadows or call 0151 350 6218 or 07788 717225.

More details on the insurance including policy details

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