To follow is some general information on the BSAC Travel Partners scheme.

Terms and conditions do vary per Travel Partner so please do click through to their websites for further information. View list of BSAC Travel Partners.


The discount scheme is only available to BSAC members. In practice, this means the discount can only be claimed by a BSAC member or by a member for their family, being their spouse, partner or child sharing the same residential address as the member. BSAC membership numbers must be given at the time of booking.

Different membership numbers will therefore be required for groups where the party comes from more than one family with at least one number for each address/household. Non-divers and divers qualified with non-BSAC agencies can enjoy the discount where they are part of the BSAC member's family. Non-BSAC divers travelling with a BSAC group will not be entitled to the discount unless they fulfil the family member criteria.

Bookings and enquiries

BSAC does not act as a travel agent and makes no offers itself.

All travel arrangements, bookings and enquiries must be made direct to the appropriate Travel Partner. Contact with the Partner can be made through their normal routes or direct via the link to their website that is found on the Travel Partners' panel on the BSAC Travel Website pages.

Comments and complaints

BSAC sincerely hopes that everyone using this scheme has a safe and wonderful holiday. However, it is recognised that just occasionally things may go wrong. Such problems are nevertheless the responsibility of the Travel Partner with whom you have booked and must be addressed directly to them.

Constructive comments and suggestions are welcomed and should be sent by email

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