Love tech diving? Join BSAC's growing family of Tech Divers (from all agencies) covered by the best Liability insurance policy for technical diving on the market.

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You'll be insured when technical diving in the UK and on holiday with BSAC Direct membership, as long as you are diving within your qualification, whoever you are qualified with (TDI, PADI, GUE etc). No need for BSAC training.

BSAC Membership benefits Tech Divers...  

Tick-membership-page  Liability insurance covers ALL agency tech divers (TDI, GUE, PADI, IANTD etc), diving within existing qualification 

Tick-membership-page  Train with us, DIVE with us

Tick-membership-page  Save £100s on dive kit and travel

Tick-membership-page  319 clubs with rebreather divers

Tick-membership-page  Dorothea (deep quarry) access available

Tick-membership-page  Programme of Technical Diving Expeditions

Tick-membership-page  Technical Diving for All


Get Adult Membership for  £69.00  £51.75 for 12 months

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Why 25% off? Well, EUROTEK only comes around every two years! And of course, we're always looking to grow and support our diving community. As such BSAC is offering 25% off BSAC Direct membership plans!


Included in your BSAC Membership plan

Tick-membership-page Worldwide Diver Insurance; diver to diver cover, rebreathers, technical diving, mixed gas, nitrox, wreck diving plus lots more

Tick-membership-page Exclusive benefits and prices with leading scuba travel companies and scuba equipment brands...BSAC membership benefits - travel and kit 

Tick-membership-page Big discounts with outdoor brands and huge saving with Volvo...BSAC membership benefits - outdoor brands 

Tick-membership-page Make the most of BSAC Plus, a discounts scheme that could save you hundreds of pounds on thousands of items you already buy...BSAC membership benefits - BSAC Plus

Tick-membership-page  Support our campaigning and mission to grow scuba diving in the UK

Tick-membership-page  Access to nationwide training events

Tick-membership-page  Monthly subscription to SCUBA magazine

Tick-membership-page  PLUS loads more member-exclusive benefits


Photo by Marcus Blatchford, BSAC Tech diver website image - marcus blatchford - wreck 1024px

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Join Today - Save 25% 


What our members say ★★★★★  

Member Peter Routledge joined BSAC as a PADI and TDI Technical Diver and Instructor. On technical diving with BSAC Peter said:

I’ve enjoyed joining a team of like-minded tech divers and have been on some well-organised tech expeditions showcasing fantastic adventurous diving right here in the UK


Terms and conditions 

  • This offer is available until 12:59 PM on Sunday 9 December 2018. 
  • BSAC membership plan available for 25% discount - Adult BSAC Membership plan - scuba divers over 18 years +
Join BSAC's growing family of Tech Divers (from all agencies) covered by the best Liability insurance policy for technical diving on the market

Join BSAC's growing family of Tech Divers

Get Adult Membership for £69.00 £51.75 for 12 months

Join Today - Save 25%

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