Your underwater journey begins here. Start with a BSAC online eLearning course...

During BSAC's learn to dive courses, you’ll learn what you need to know to explore the underwater world using scuba diving equipment. The eLearning system is easy to use and flexible in terms of when and where you can do the training. It can fit in and around your life.

So what do I get with eLearning?

  • Get your theory training completed
  • 12 months' free BSAC membership
  • Downloadable student guide and qualification
  • Access to the BSAC 'The Diving Manual' for extra reading and knowledge
  • BSAC 88 Decompression Tables (Ocean Diver course only)
  • Qualification card upon completion

To complete the Ocean Diver or Discovery Diver course you will need to also complete sheltered water dives (to learn basic scuba skills) and open water dives (to develop skills and explore). These practical dives are not included in the eLearning prices and can be arranged later with a BSAC club or centre.

Which beginner course is right for you - Discovery Diver or Ocean Diver?

Discovery Diver - £101.00

Discovery Diver might be the right choice for you, particularly if you expect to go scuba diving primarily with a dive guide. This course is an intermediate step for earning an Ocean Diver qualification if that’s your ultimate goal.

Age requirement - 10 years or older
Course prerequisites - Able to swim and medically fit for diving
Maximum depth certified to - 12m

Ocean Diver - £128.00

This entry-level open water diver qualification will equip you with the core skills to dive to a maximum of 20 metres in open water, in the UK and abroad.

Age requirement - 12 years or older
Course prerequisites - Able to swim and medically fit for diving
Maximum depth certified to - 20m


Not sure which course to take?

If you're a little lost and want to find out more before committing to an eLearning course, submit a learn to dive enquiry and a BSAC mentor will be in touch to talk through your options with you.

Medical fitness to dive

In order to learn to dive, you must be declared as medically fit to do so. This is done through a self-certification form which can be downloaded online. If you select yes to any of the questions in the form, you will need to contact a UKDMRC medical referee to confirm you are fit to dive.

You do not need to complete a medical to begin BSAC eLearning, however, BSAC is not liable if you complete training and are then declared medically unfit to dive.

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Choosing your BSAC Club/Centre for your practical training

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