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Title AP MOD2 Diver Course
Region Europe
Venue BSAC Centre - Twin Peaks
Date 20 May 2024 - 24 May 2024
Price £585

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Price 650 Euros 

BSAC’s MOD 2 CCR Diver course is a great way to extend your existing CCR diving skills by learning how to safely dive to 60m.

To enrol you must:

  • have successfully completed a MOD1 AP Vision CCR diver Course, or equivalent with another agency.
  • have 50 hours / 50 dives diving with a CCR.
  • have 25 hours / 25 dives with the type of unit being used on the course.
  • 10 CCR dives to at least 30m with decompression at multiple levels.
  • Minumum age: 18 years


  • Bailout cylinder and weights. If you need anything more let us know.......
  • We have AP units for BSAC members to use during their course for FREE
  • BSAC eLearning digital material
  • Course does not include gases or sofnolime

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