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Title AP Technical Instructor Course
Region Europe
Venue BSAC Centre - Twin Peaks
Date 12 May 2024 - 13 May 2024
Price £135

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Price 150 Euros

The Technical Instructor course extends a technical diver's practical teaching ability to the more advanced planning and skills required to teach Sport Mixed Gas Diver (50m), Explorer Mixed Gas Diver (60m), Advanced Mixed Gas Diver (80m) , MOD 1 CCR Diver (40/45m), MOD 2 CCR Diver (60m), and Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Diver (80m) courses
To enrol you must:
  • Hold the relevant BSAC technical qualification and required experience (number of dives in specified depth range)  
  • Minimum Age: +18 Years Old
  • Includes: Bailout cylinder and weights
  • Course does not include gases or sofnolime

Technical Instructor

From Open Water Instructor (with Accelerated Decompression Procedures and the relevant Technical Diving qualification) you can start training to become a Technical Diving Instructor.

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