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Telephone 07719 931107
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Address Nye Bevan Swimming Pool, Southway,
Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 6LT, United Kingdom

The Phoenix (Northwest) SAC is a very friendly club that enjoys a good social & diving calendar.
Regularly visiting the Western Isles of Scotland, Anglesey in Wales, the Red Sea in Egypt, Bridlington, the Farne Isles & other locations that provide an exceptional diving experience for both beginners & experienced divers.
Having a high membership of BSAC qualified instructors & our own RIB gives us an excellent platform to train divers to the required stands.
We also have our own compressor/filling station & with the right membership/training access to unlimited air is available.

General information

  • Clubhouse
  • Access to meeting/training rooms
  • Active social calendar
  • Family friendly
  • Access to a pool
  • RIB

Diving information

  • Blend/provide Nitrox
  • Blend/provide Trimix
  • Scuba kit for learn to dive trainees to borrow
  • Compressor
  • Active diving programme
  • Try dives offered to potential interested members
  • Club organised overseas diving holidays
  • Club organised british diving holidays

Snorkelling information

  • Active BSAC snorkeller training programme
  • Experience snorkelling sessions offered to potential interested members
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