BSAC recommends that all activities, diving and social, are to be assessed for relevant risks.

In this world of increasing litigation Committees, you need to be able to provide evidence that activities you have sanctioned or are running will be conducted with the minimum of risk to participants, bystanders and the public. Whether an activity should go ahead depends on the judgement of the individual carrying out the risk assessment(s).

Throughout BSAC's Diver Training Programme, Safe Diving information and Skill Development Course content, there are considerations of risk assessment.

Why do you need a risk assessment?

The overall objectives of the BSAC's risk assessment guidance are:

  1. To place the emphasis on the prevention of incidents rather than on the actions needed to resolve them
  2. To reduce the number and seriousness of diving incidents
  3. To continue to promote safe diving practices to all divers
  4. To ensure that divers can enjoy their sport safely

Risk assessment resources from BSAC

For some sheltered water and inland dive sites, it is necessary to submit a risk assessment of diving activities as part of the application. Also, producing a generic risk assessment document for all open-water diving is beneficial as a reference for members planning and managing dives.

Risk assessments appropriate for diver training and diving activities: 

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