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Part 1 Go!Dive Intro   From the very first time you breathe underwater, scuba diving will continue to inspire, challenge and surprise you. Many divers say that it is life-changing and, with the sense of achievement that comes with learning to dive, it is easy to see why.
Part 2 Underwater UK The UK has a diverse marine environment with more than 7,500 miles of coastline to explore. Coupled with a wide variety of inland waterways, lakes and quarries and we have a real divers’ paradise right on our own doorstep.
Part 3 BSAC History Established in London in 1953 by entrepreneur Oscar Gugen, BSAC has evolved over the years - from a small group of dedicated members and diving pioneers to the BSAC of today, the largest dive club in the world. It is the story of BSAC's early days  that has helped to shape the sport of diving around the world.