If you have taken a break from scuba diving you can easily refresh your scuba diving skills with a BSAC club.

A BSAC club will help you to refresh any scuba diving skills you need and get you 'scuba fit and ready' for your next dive. Find a club

Refresh your scuba skills before your next dive. You may:

  • have forgotten how to put the dive gear together
  • be worried about your buoyancy control
  • not know how to dive in a drysuit
  • not remember ever doing rescue skills

All of the above is absolutely fine of course. The important thing is for people to be honest and talk to their club about where they’re up to.

It’s the responsibility of the club Diving Officer to support you and keep you safe in your diving and training activities. They will help you with refreshing or teaching you all the skills you need.

Reinforcing scuba skills originally taught in training courses is the best way to keep safe and is an important part of club life. Most clubs give members the opportunity to reinforce skills every week.

There is normally no extra charge for refreshing your scuba skills in a club. One of the great things about BSAC club life is that as part of a club you have access to highly trained and experienced instructors who will happily teach and support you as part of your club membership.

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