Firstly, congratulations! We’re thrilled that you learnt to dive while on holiday or overseas. We hope you really enjoyed it and have been bitten by the scuba bug.

Now, we’d very much like to introduce you to the next part of your scuba journey – a life of diving and training with a network of like-minded souls. In the UK!

Thousands of BSAC members started their scuba journey with a course on holiday, such as the PADI or SSI Open Water Diver courses. Those members are now enjoying scuba diving as part of a club.

Divers that learnt overseas can be sceptical of UK diving, with thoughts along the lines of…it must be freezing, surely you can’t see anything, or there can’t be much marine life worth seeing. This is hardly surprising; the world does seem to present us with an image of scuba diving that’s an exclusively tropical activity, with divers in skimpy swimsuits swimming over coral gardens. The truth is, tens of thousands of Brits dive year-round in UK waters, and there are amazing things to see: plenty of fish, historic shipwrecks and colourful reefs festooned with soft corals and anemones. And yes, there are also ways to keep warm. UK diving FAQs.

Give UK diving a try by popping along to your local BSAC club. Find a club

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