Beach Snapper has been introduced to support clubs and dive centres in providing more family-friendly activities.

It's a fun course, introducing young people to creative photography at the seaside and is an ideal companion to the established Beachcomber.

What they will learn

At the end of the activities participants should have an understanding of how to use some of the basic settings on a digital camera, how to pick interesting subjects for their photos and how to take a good picture. They also receive a BSAC Beach Snapper certificate.

Age guidance

No restrictions. The target age group is 5-12 years but course content can be adapted for all age groups or individuals.

Who can deliver it?

Any responsible adult with adequate knowledge about photography.
BSAC Beach Snapper could be delivered by parents while spending time with their children or by instructors to create more family-friendly group activities while on dive trips.

Leaders should be comfortable with and enjoy working with young people.


BSAC Beach Snapper can be delivered in about three hours or longer if by adding an indoor session on saving and editing photos if you have the facilities to do this.

Downloadable materials for parents and instructors - coming soon

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